Every Bite Is Divine


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Find Peace in Your War on Weight

Are you in lifestyle conflict with yourself? Does one part of you want to shed pounds while another part of you feels deprived? Too tired to exercise, or think that it’s just not worth the effort?

Every Bite is Divine presents an innovative, balanced approach for getting to the weight that’s truly best for you. You may be a lot closer than you think.

The key is cultivating unconditional love for yourself as you are right now. It is a brilliant blend of stress relief through yoga with cutting-edge science and practical techniques that support you in restructuring your health and weight reality. As you proceed, you will find yourself

  • Relaxing
  • Becoming comfortable as you awaken to your “natural body”
  • Getting back to eating well as a way to celebrate life and give yourself the care you deserve

You can embrace gentle, nurturing methods for getting past false conceptions of weight and step into a more real and joy-filled experience of yourself. Consider it a “spiritual exercise,” to help you naturally align body, mind, and spirit to recognize and love your more authentic weight and shape.

It’s hard to succeed—at anything—when you’re fighting with yourself. Every Bite is Divine will put you back on track to getting your whole self enthusiastically moving in the same direction: toward a healthy weight and a happy you.

Every Bite Is Divine

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