Seva CD Vol. 4


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The Sanskrit word svadharma loosely translates as “your essential self's ultimate purpose”—showing up for what your higher self is called to do. The mix on this edition of the Seva CD is intended as inspiration for you to follow that call. Whether you’re taking a personal retreat into yoga, setting out on a journey (inner or outer), or finally tackling that project that’s been waiting for you, let this unique collection of music provide you with a gentle and uplifting soundtrack to evoke your deeper calling.

By purchasing this CD, you are helping to make a difference in the world. Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning service, and a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of each Seva CD benefits Kripalu’s Teaching for Diversity program, which supports teachers bringing yoga to underserved populations throughout the world. For more information about the program, visit the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association online at

Seva CD Vol. 4

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